Admission to Practice

Admission to Practice

Admission to Practice

The College of Law offers a range of programmes to assist new graduates entering the legal profession in various jurisdictions.


Becoming a Lawyer

Find out the steps to becoming a lawyer in Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia.

Becoming a lawyer

Graduate bridging courses

A mandatory requirement for admission as a lawyer in Australia and New Zealand is to complete a practical legal training course that bridges the gap between an academic law degree and practising law.

In Australia, law graduates are required to complete a Practical Legal Training (PLT) course before they can be admitted as a lawyer.

In New Zealand, law graduates are required to complete a Professional Legal Studies Course (PLSC) course. 

The courses are structured training programmes designed to help develop the practical, day-to-day skills needed as an entry-level lawyer.

Completion of a PLT or PLSC programme is the second essential step to being admitted as a lawyer – the first being a law degree.

After completing these bridging courses, graduates are eligible to apply for admission as a legal practitioner.


Learn about PLT courses in Australia

Learn about PLSC courses in New Zealand

Learn about the Master of Laws (Applied Law) in Common Law Practice that can assist you with admission in New Zealand


BARBRI Preparation Courses

The College of Law is the sole representative of the BARBRI Preparation Courses in Australia and New Zealand. BARBRI offers two programmes:

US Bar Preparation for admission as an attorney in the United States of America

QLTS Preparation Courses for qualifying as a solicitor in England & Wales


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