Career Consolidation Programmes

Career Consolidation Programmes

What are career consolidation programmes

The College of Law's career consolidation programmes are designed to build and consolidate the knowledge and skills needed to develop a career in legal practice.

These programmes will help you keep up-to-date and will help build the professional and business skills you need for your career as it progresses from entry-level to competency.

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Continuing Professional Development

The College of Law's Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme includes on-demand online seminars, webinars and face-to-face seminars, workshops and multi-day conferences.

Our CPD programme enables lawyers to acquire new skills and knowledge and to build their legal careers and practices.

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How-to series

The College of Law's How-to Series is a series of short interactive courses covering several key areas of practice.

The learning is structured in a way that will help you develop essential knowledge and skills in that area of practice. Each course begins with a practical task to allow you to assess your pre-existing level of knowledge and skill. During the course, quizzes on each topic reinforce key learnings. At the end, you repeat the practical task and receive feedback on how your skills have developed and guidance on areas for improvement.

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Practice Management

The College of Law's Practice Management Programme includes courses that meet the requirements of legal profession regulators - in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia - who prescribe such courses as a pre-requisite for lawyers to practice as a principal. 

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